A Fresh, Organic Look at Modern Art

Abstractals harness an intangible essence that quickly lures in and engages the viewer. Beautiful to look at and great conversation starters, Abstractals provoke; be it creativity, stories or inspiration.


Work with the Artist

Almost every Abstractal can be re-created using a colour palette that suits your environment perfectly.  Andrew collaborates with clients to create new designs based on paint and fabric samples, wallpaper swatches, or even via photographs of where the art will hang.


Square Canvases

Square and rectangular canvases are available in sizes from 3′ X 3′ to 5′ X 30′.  Some canvases may be available in larger sizes, or in sets of three or more panels. If you are interested in a larger size canvas, please contact us and we’ll let you know what we can do.

Nothing but the Best

Andrew has invested a great deal of time perfecting the art of making art.  From the best Breathing Color archival canvas, to circular frames built from Baltic birch plywood, to award-winning UV-protective varnishes, we’ve made every effort to guarantee that your Abstractal lasts a lifetime and beyond.


Circular Canvases

Circular canvases are available in sizes from 36 inches in diameter to 60 inches in diameter.  Three or more panels are also possible for large commercial installations.  Drop us a line and let us know what you’re thinking.


Andrew Phillips specializes in creating large, vibrant and meditative works of art from complex fractal equations.

Involved with computers since the days of the Commodore 64, Andrew began exploring fractal art as an offshoot of his career in graphic design. Despite their mathematical origins, his canvases often provoke the same contemplative quality one might experience while gazing upon a meandering creek, or the sculpted forms of a wind-etched landscape.

“My goal is to capture that rare balance between mathematical precision and aesthetic charm,” Andrew says. “But I also see my artwork as a personal gift — as an island of visual calm for viewers to enter in to.”

Andrew’s creative efforts were recognized when his designs were chosen to embellish the new Primary Care Network clinic in Wetaskiwin. From there, interest has swiftly grown, seeing a permanent art installation in Edmonton’s new Kaye Edmonton Clinic, a three-month display at the Highlevel Diner, as well as an enthusiastic reception at MLA Rachel Notley’s Art from the Unknown gallery event.

Believing that art can inspire creativity in others and enhance the broader community, Andrew has donated several canvases to public collections, as well as to fund-raising auctions for various community organizations.

Andrew lives in Edmonton, Alberta with his wife, Suzette.